To Die A Hero merupakan salah satu projek dari mata kuliah Entrepreneurship 5 yang dikembangkan oleh TDAH Project. Konsep game yang unik ini dikembangkan oleh 4 mahasiswa semester 5 Program Studi Teknik Informatika Program Information & Multimedia Technology (IMT) Universitas Ciputra. Di bawah bimbingan dari mentor David Boy Tonara, project ini mendapatkan perhatian dari Spencer Yip, founder dari Siliconera dalam Yummy Yummy Tummy challenge yang diselenggarakan di Game Developer Gathering Prime 2015 di Bandung. Berakhirnya acara GDG Prime 2015 tidak berarti berakhir pula pengembangan game ini, dimana mulai 15 November 2015 akan dilaksanakan upaya untuk mendapatkan funding dari Indiegogo.

The Story

The Game: To Die A Hero brings you a unique take on dungeon building game. Instead of preventing your ‘enemies’ to reach the core, you will hope that those mobs actually get inside and kill you! You have to manage your dungeon well, because as a hero trapped in the demon lord’s body those greenies are your only hope to die a hero.

You were once a hero. In your unfortunate final battle facing the powerful demon lord you had used the last bit of your strength to seal it. Unbeknownst to you, the forbidden seal has a terrible cost. Your soul now resides inside the demon lord’s body, slowly but surely getting corrupted by the incomprehensible mind sleeping inside. Worse, its instinct stayed strong to prevent you killing yourself. Now, your only hope is the next generation of heroes. With what little time left you have before the seal is released, you must guide the heroes to deal the death of yourself. You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

  • Design your own dungeon! – Create rooms then fill it with monsters, laboratories, treasures and secrets to make the perfect hero training course.
  • Indirect training – The heroes see you as the final boss and they won’t believe you. The dungeon is all you have to turn a bunch of champion wannabes into the real heroes you deserve.
  • Multiple endings – Now, you don’t think it will only end in your death, do you? Of course the ending will depend on your research and actions during events.
  • Speaking of which, there will be random events every turn, increasing the game replayability.
  • Did I said turn? Yes, this is a turn-based game. Well, mostly. At least time stopped while you’re busy excavating your new torture room and spawning new monsters. When the turns end and the heroes come to raid, the gameplay switches to real-time.
  • Fluid research system – There will be a lot of different ways to acquire new rooms, monsters, buffs and upgrades. You can do it the good old ways by researching, find a boost in events, or invade the human world taking slaves and traitors along the way.
  • Human Resources – We mean literally. the first few monster you create will need human body and souls to create. Then you will need those for research purposes. Even the higher level ones might need some from those poor souls’ remains. Well, can’t be picky when resources are rare and you are the demon lord.
  • Spirit Mentor System – Dead heroes don’t just stay dead. Bound by ancient magic, they will find and guide the next (unfortunate) set of heroes. With their deadly experience, the heroes will have a better chance in killing whatever had done their mentor.
  • Side view – The traditional view for tower defense, dungeon building and strategy games is top down. We opted for the cooler looking sidescroller view courtesy of This War of Mine, Darkest Dungeon and XCOM base’s ant farm view. It’s our belief that this view will help us to show more epic battle animations.
  • Party Battle – Don’t you worry too much about the hero, he always got three partners backing him up anyway, just like any good classic hero party should be. Except… so does the monsters in each room.
  • AI-controlled hero party – It’s up to you to find out about the hero’s traits and habits. Only one thing is clear, everyone would retreat when their fear overwhelms their judgement and when the loot overwhelms their bag.
  • Interrupting Magic – with enough research and meditating, you will eventually be able to harness the demon lord’s magic to your benefit. As the party explore the dungeon, you can use your magic to seal doors or buff monsters for more experience drop.
  • The Demon Lord Generals – other than your average indistinguishable monster, you have those subordinates with a whole different levels. Your generals are your right hands
  • Over 100 monsters and 20 hero classes – How’s that for replayability?
         and lots and lots and lots of equips if that’s not enough.

Student/Alumni Detail

Jeonathan Juan (20413002)
Ricky Wahyudi Dharmawan (20413030)
Bagus Setiadi (20413006)
Faizal Ardy (20413026)
Information and Multimedia Technology
School of Creative Industry

Project Mentor: David Boy Tonara

Project Awards

  • 2015, Game Developer Gathering Prime 2015 Bandung, Finalist of Yummy Yummy Tummy Challenge

Project Highlights

  • 2015 October, reviewed by, a premier game online media