Adityas Kemal Fakhruddin

IFT 2008

Pendidikan Terakhir:

Nama Perusahaan Tempat Bekerja:
Bima Sakti Alterra

Head of Product

Deskripsi Pekerjaan:
Manage seluruh produk yang berkaitan dengan GIS, IoT, OCR dan Augmented Reality mulai dari product roadmap, sales and marketing strategy and product maintenance also support.

Social Media:

Memorable Moments selama menjadi Mahasiswa di Informatika UC
Tugas buat video dari pak affandy, aktornya serius videonya lucu dan jadi pengurus inti ihima tanpa pencalonan.

As a Innovation Strategist and Project Manager on Alterra, Kemal has lead financial product, data analyst, tax also responsible for delivering on PDAM Innovation products including GIS, Budgeting Module and IoT products, Kemal work directly with senior level management, particularly in product analysis, product management, also gathering insights about both customers’ and partners’ behavior as well as finding ways to boost the region!

Before this Kemal also passionately build and scale consumer Internet products in Emerging Markets across Indonesia work with Facebook and Dutakom Wibawa Putra, Kemal has a strong passion in Information System and help business to growth through technology. Before that Kemal work as a Product f Wibawa Putra, Adityas Kemal F also worked as a Web Developer, IT Consultant by himself and have seven years experience in developing a website, applications, handling client, leading project and as a consultant on business process. He handled several web-based projects, such as accounting system, back-end admin pages, also a lot of company profile websites and online shop. Now He handle all of Product Development activity from create new product until termination in D~NET, which totally he handle 16 Products.

Two Years Ago, he already finished his master dual degree program in information management and information system in ITS Surabaya and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. His focus research is about Enterprise System, Human Capital management, Website Development and Crowdsourcing Development.

Adityas Kemal F has been worked as an IT Manager and Videographer in a creative organization called TEDxTuguPahlawan Surabaya 2012 – 2015. TEDxTuguPahlawan is a licensed organization under TED based in California, and this organization has dedicated itself as a place for sharing creative ideas and building future that given by people who impact the city. And also Adityas Kemal F has followed many Organization since the first year of his college Such as iHIMA, PPI, PPI Taiwan, Indonesian Culture Exhibition etc.

Adityas Kemal F has a strong passion for new technology development and creative innovative ideas.

“Ideas, Motivation, Action, Care, Optimist is a perfect combination to develop a future.” – Anonym


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